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People ask how did you get started in Makeup? 

Go Green with us!  Do Not use 'Plastic Bottles' use our 'Refillable' Cream  Jars 

  Our Story   
Launched by Film Maker, Lady Thulston in 2020, Lady Thulston is one of the world's fastest-growing beauty brands. Beginning in 2008 she was made redundant from her family business. She had always worked for her Father in his brokerage businesses. She grew up In Florida, USA joined her father’s stockbrokerage and money management business and went on to be a NASDR series 7, 6 and 26 licensed broker. After a few years she became Number 1 stockbroker with her dad for Putnam funds for 3 years running out of 89,000 other brokers in America. She was crowned ‘Queen of Marketing’. 

The finance problems we had in 2008 suddenly let her pursue a few goals, like doing stand-up comedy, her 8th gig put her on SKY TV in 'Don’t stop me now', where she was flung through a wall. “You should have seen the guys behind the scenes trying to catch and stop me as I swung backstage” she laughs. “I really enjoyed stand-up comedy, but suddenly got the chance to write, direct and star in my own feature film.” Says Lady Thulston Suddenly having to wear so many hats from production, casting, writing and directing dealing with skin came in especially important, not only with her own skin, but creating looks for her female actresses. 

Lady Thulston beauty products started to take shape. But she had another excessively big problem on her hands and that was she never edited a feature film. Basically, we shot the feature film which took nearly two years to make as they would film on the weekends, but she had no idea how to edit. “it can’t be that hard!” she said suddenly film editing school beckoned “I was lucky to have the rushes to work with” she says talking to a BBC producer. 

Lady Thulston kept on learning how to edit, how to correct sound issues and colour the feature. She was lucky that Juice worldwide distributors took on the film and put it out on streaming platforms worldwide. "The film really eats up my time, but I was listening and learning about skin, what makes it look good and how to create something special." One big problem comes from learning and sitting down all day, her weight started to increase so she had the gastric band installed in 2014. It was not the saviour everyone thought, the band was too tight, and she was starting to not eat proper food. “I just could not keep any food down, the band was too tight, so I started to eat sweets, as I was getting too hungry. The bariatric nurse just was not listening and sent her away.  In 2019 she was now diabetic type 2. 
Having sourced a new surgeon, she has her eating under control. With her film, Gatwick Gangsters on the world stage she started to design beauty products. “I hate plastic bottles sitting on my dressing table” she says So, she travelled to Box Manufacturers and started to create pretty Objet d’art boxes for our beautiful gold crown jar collection. But trouble comes when you work too fast, the whole order of boxes was manufactured wrong and it could have been scrapped, but creating the new Rare White diamond collection with one of the world’s best face creams using these boxes is another marvellous collection of beautiful Objet d’art and  is another master piece you should have on your dressing table. Using her Arab influence, she created one of the prettiest lipstick cases ever seen, limited edition so get going before these all sell out. Lady Thulston emailed her 1 million subscribers to Gatwick Gangsters feature film with the news of her New Make up Brand and she is starting to get a large clientele for her Halal/Vegan makeup.
One of her clients said, “Thank you for designing something pretty for us in Dubai as we are fed up with plastic pots!”
Lady Thulston brand is great as all the jars and Objet d’art is reusable, so if you fancy putting another cream or lipstick into the boxes or cases you have the choice. So, we have gone green! Lady Thulston, cultivating a roster of clientele including A-list Celebrities and Members of Royal Families.
“I've always been extremely passionate and the type of person who loves to create pretty things and share them!"
Ultimately, Lady Thulston is the place to come to for pretty, blingy products and they make great gifts too!” Innovation & Inspiration 2020 has been a difficult year, but she is in talks with a Large Finance Company who are looking to invest and expand the Collection of Lady Thulston brand name, which goes back to 1086 AD.
This would make her Brand Name 'one of the oldest names on the planet!' Check out her logo, it shows the Lady of the Manor of Thulston in chain mall and holding a sword. “When I had the logo designed. I said to Chloe, the artist “I want something to show I am always fighting my way through 'the day to day life', nothing comes easy and there is always some road block or hater to trip you up!”
“I say, ladies take the trip with me and join me in spreading the good word on a range of Halal, Vegan Makeup in gorgeous looking Objet d’art Presentation Handmade Boxes. Let us get rid of the plastic bottles on our dressing tables and replace them with beauty that one day your children will pass on."
Lady Thulston brand has the range Liquid Lipsticks, Textured Eyeshadow Palettes and High-quality Anti-wrinkle Cream Formula 21 and the new CBD oil complexion products - all of which have been instant best-sellers across the globe.
“The CBD oil is just making me gobsmacked! The CBD is creating a beautiful complexion and any liver spots on the back of my hands are going! I also go red around my neck and it is toning down the redness”
The future “As a brand, we are driven by the look of a product that represents you on your dressing table. I like sophisticated, classic and pure royalty looking products. Our Objet d’art products are made for the Lady who wants her dressing table to look like a Queen, and not littered with plastic printed bottles. I like mystique so I am not a fan of too many labels on my jars! “