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You asked what is the best Cake and Fruit Fork  ?

lady thulston cake fork 
lady thulston's objet d'art cake fork video 
lady thulston objet d'art cake fork 
Limited Edition

Make your next event exciting!

 with Lady Thulston's Objet d'art cake and fruit forks displayed in a handmade box

 Details: Production: Fruit & Cake Fork Material: Metal Metal Type: Zinc alloy Certification: SGS Feature: Gold Shell with Carvings Developed in: United Kingdom Brand Name: Lady Thulston Color: Gold Tableware has passed the quality testing of SGS Very popular with the chief of states used our tableware.
Size of Fork: 11cm length x 2 cm wide
Size of Box: 11.5 cm x 2.4cm wide x 2 cm depth

Displayed in black handmade box, with Red Satin Liner. Lid Embellished in Rhinestones and Pearls. 

lady thulston's perfect party table

 History of the Cake Fork
Shampagne unlocks the origin of the fork.
Although its origin may go back to Ancient Greece, the personal table fork was most likely invented in the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire, where they were in common use by the 4th century. Records show that by the 9th century in some elite circles of Persia a similar utensil known as a barjyn was in limited use.
Do you eat cake with a fork?
Table manners for eating moist cake.
Cake with a moist, gooey texture, such as cake with a custard filling, is eaten with a fork.
Table manners for eating ice-cream cake.
The fork is used to hold the portion, and the spoon to cut and convey the bite to the mouth.
What utensil do you serve cake with?
A cake and pie server, also called a cake shovel, pie knife, crêpe spade, pie-getter, pie lifter, pie spatula, cake knife, or cake slice, is a serving utensil used in the cutting and serving of pies and cakes. Some cake and pie servers have serrated edges.
What side does the fork and napkin go on? left
The napkin goes either to the left of the fork on the very outside, or if you have three forks in a formal table setting, put the napkin on the plate.
How did the fork get its name?
“Frustration with knives, especially in their shortcoming in holding meat steady for cutting, eventually led to the development of the fork.”
The name comes from furca, the Latin word for a farmer's pitchfork.
Did the Chinese invent Forks?
We all know that the Chinese use chopsticks to eat, but do not be mistaken; they also invented the forks!
The oldest known traces of forks were found in the Qijia ethnic group (2400 BC -1900 BC) and under the Xia dynasty (2100 BC – 1600 BC).
Did you know forks were so old?
Why do the British use forks upside down?
They handle their cutlery so awkwardly!
The fork was made to stab food or at least to hold it still while you cut it.
For food that does not require cutting with a knife, a spoon can be used, or a fork held upside-down with the tines pointing up, to emulate a spoon.
Should you eat rice with a fork or spoon?
If you refer to rice dishes as having rice on a plate with something on top of it (eggs, curry, stir fry meat and vegetable, etc), it is perfectly fine to eat it with fork and spoon.
Asian people eat stir fried rice with fork and spoon because it is easier to eat and less messy than using chopstick or hand.
Why does a fish fork different?
The second type of fork is the fish fork.
This fork is special because its left tine is slightly larger than the other tines.
There also will be a notch on the side of the fork.
The purpose of both details is to allow the user to remove the bones and skin from their fish using the left tine.
What was invented first fork or spoon?
The spoon predates the knife and the fork.
It exists in every age and culture in a wide variety of shapes. “The use of an object determines its basic form.” A trip through any mid-century home during the post-war years would reveal chairs, woodwork and consumer objects that took that directive seriously.
Did China invent chopsticks?
According to the California Academy of Sciences, which houses the Rietz Collection of Food Technology, chopsticks were developed about 5,000 years ago in China. The earliest versions were probably twigs used to retrieve food from cooking pots.
Is it rude to eat with your fork in your right hand?
Fork etiquette. When used in conjunction with a knife to cut and consume food in Western social settings, two forms of fork etiquette are common. ... When the fork was adopted, it followed this rule; it was held in the left hand while cutting and then transferred to the right to eat. Is it rude to eat with just a fork? But when it comes to good manners, the experts insist that a fork which is used without a knife just does not cut it. ... 'It's such bad manners,' she said. 'I know the Americans cut up their food and then leave the knife hanging on the side of the plate while they move the fork to their right hand and dig in like animals.
Is it OK to hold fork in right hand?
To cut the items in your plate, hold the knife in your right hand and the fork in your left hand, the tines facing down. ... Unlike the American style, here you do not transfer your fork to your right hand. You keep the fork in your left hand with the tines still curving downwards and eat.
What is the difference between a salad fork and a dinner fork?
So, what is the difference between a salad fork and a dinner fork?
A salad fork is used for salads and a dinner fork is used for the main course.
They both have four times, although some salad forks sometimes have a thicker outer tine on the left for cutting lettuce and vegetables.
Did cavemen use utensils?
One of the oldest utensils ever used by man is the spoon.
Well, the spoon was the first as cavemen and their descendants would use various shaped shells to scoop out their food and eat. The hands worked for roasted meat, but the spoon came about to get things that the hands just could not hold.
Should cutlery be on the left, or right?
Utensils are arranged in the order and according to the way the diner will use them. In the West, forks, plate, butter knife, and napkin generally are placed to the left of the dinner plate, and knives, spoons, stemware and tumblers, cups, and saucers to the right.
How do you fold a fancy napkin?
The Flatware Pocket Lay the napkin flat with the right (front) side down. Fold the napkin in half and turn the open end toward you. Fold the napkin into quarters. Turn the napkin so the open corner is facing away and to the left.
If you leave the table where do you put your napkin.
Most etiquette consultants agree the napkin should be placed on your chair when you leave the table for a moment during the meal. The napkin goes to the left of the plate, slightly crumpled up to hide any stains, at the conclusion of the meal.

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