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       High End Waterproof Eye Shadows.


Limited Edition colours to match mood

Lady Thulston reveals the secrets of long-lasting colour.

 Giving you an appearance of success and confidence. Shop now our Vegan/Halal eye shadow palettes. ‘The Key’ Brand are Eye Shadows sourced from the finest minerals for making high end, waterproof eye shadows.

Vegan Eyeshadow Palette

Vegan High Definition Eyeshadow - Not Tested on Animals

 The Key eyeshadows gently captures the light to give you a different look in different lighting conditions. Let your creativity go wild, place a different colour at the middle of your eye and at the end of your eye, smudge and blend. Let the lights play with your colours for an eye-catching look. The Key has been designed to open the world and its opportunities to you.



 SOURCED FROM THE FINEST MINERALS FOR MAKING HIGH END, WATERPROOF EYE SHADOWS 12 INTENSIVE COLOURS TO MATCH YOUR MOOD HALAL CERTIFIED ‘The Key’ Brand are Eye Shadows sourced from the finest minerals for making high end, waterproof eye shadows. Our 12 Intensive colours have been designed to express how you feel, for that moment and experience your day brings. Our intensive colours suit your mood and creates bespoke looks. The Key has been designed to unlock every opportunity and is your partner to trail blaze your dreams. Our Laboratory features master technicians, scientists and colour experts who work with new and high-tech skincare formulas using plant-based active ingredients and protects the delicate skin of the eyelids. It offers the perfect intensity of colour thanks to its micronized pigments with an ideal concentration of shimmer minerals. A unique dry powder for ultra-easy, sensory application without risk of product overload. These long-lasting eyeshadows perfectly adhere to the skin. All make-up styles are possible, from the very natural to the most intense.

Our eyeshadow palette comes in this handmade Red Objet D'art box.

 Our Red Objet D’Art box has been handmade by the finest masters of box making. The materials are high end. Gold Foil patterns on the front to WOW! Everyone, Dramatic Red to make a statement, our key logo on the front to remind you, ‘this is the key’ to open the world for you to pursue your dreams.

halal eyeshadow

 Inside the Objet D’art box you will find red satin to gracefully and glamorously embrace your eye shadow palette create a lasting impression when you touch up your makeup. Our clients are the World’s most sophisticated and the Americas, Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. The Key has been designed not just eyeshadow but ingenious pieces of arts to create a personal statement.

eyeshadow commercial

 The examination of the enclosed Eye Shadows ingredients passed the supervision of Islamic Food Research Centre. Hence fit for Muslim Consumption and/or wear.

halal approved ingredientsingredients for eyeshadow

Size of Eye Shadow Palette: Width: 12cm x Height: 9.5cm  Depth: 10cm - Net Wt.: 19.2/0.67oz

Red Handmade Objet d'art Box: Width: 13 cm x Heigth: 10.5 cm x Depth: 20.5 cm 

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£64.99 Plus Shipping Presented in Free Black Gift Box with Silk Ribbon