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 Vegan/Halal Velvet Matte Lip Colour

Lady Thulston Objet d'art Lipstick with objet d'art Handmade Box

Reveal the secrets of Lady Thulston    

  Our cruelty free Halal-Vegan Velvet Matte Lip Colour Lipsticks unearth the perfect alliance of luxurious colour, sensuous feel, and superior wear

Limited Edition

Inspired by Middle Eastern antiquities the Handmade Objet D'art box
embellished in gold allows you to display your choice of colour lipstick on your Dressing Table, re-usable and Limited Edition.
Feel the quality as the unique blend of ultra-fine colour minerals glide gently which feels as if the wand is kissing your lips.
Enjoy the opulent and sensual feel.  

Lady Thulston Lipstick in Objet d'art Boxvegan/halal
lady thulston 002 lipstick 
Lady Thulston 005 lipstickVegan/Halal 
Lady Thulston 008 lipstick color Vegan/Halal 
Lady Thulston 004 lipstick Vegan/Halal 
Lady Thulston 001 lipstick Vegan/Halal 
lady thulston 016 lipstickVegan/Halal 

Choose  Any/all Lipstick colours and Display them in the Objet d'art Handmade Box  

lady thulston box and lipstick lady thulston objet d'art handmade box and vegan-halal lipsticks
Lady Thulston Vegan/Halal Lipstick commercial 

 Our Lipstick is the perfect alliance of luxurious colour, sensuous feel and superior wear.
Lady Thulston, a Designer and Creator of rare objects says: "Lipstick is a woman’s magic wand. No longer tucked away between the key ring and the nail file, the Lady Thulston Lip Colours transforms a forgotten object into a treasured jewel."
Get ready to be transported to the deep and generous colour universe that will make your persona and confidence envied.
Look sharp, feel great showcasing your looks in our opulent colour of pure colour. uncover the power of our lightweight, long-lasting lipstick that lasts up to 10 hours.
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Lady Thulston Lipstick ingredients
Lady Thulston's Lipstick Ingredients 

 A unique blend of ultra-fine pigments for deep and generous colour.

Lipstick Size: Width: 2.3cm x Heigth: 11cm x Depth: 3 cm  - approx: 4ml

Black Handmade Objet D' Art Box: Width:5.5cm x Heigth: 13.5 cm x Depth: 5cm


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£ 25 (One Lipstick of your choice with One Objet D'Art Box) Refill Lipstick any colour £4 EACH Plus Shipping

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