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Violin Lipstick 

Lady Thulson Violin Lipstick

 Vegan Cosmetics Matte Lipstick Velvet Nude Violin Liquid Lip Glaze

Lady Thulston Violin lipstick

 Waterproof, long-lasting, non-stick cup

You really must see this fine Objet D' Art Lipstick. Seriously bling for any dressing table! 
The sparkle is beautiful - A large Lipstick to hold in your Hand and your Freinds will be amazed of its Beauty.   

Lady Thulston violin lipstick

 Can Stay up to 12 hours

lady thulston violin lipstick

SHADE 603 

 Product Size 9X2.5X18 cm Product weight 0.082kg

lady thulston violin lipstick

Lady Thulston Violin Lipstick Youtube Video

Please check out the Lady Thulston Violin Lipstick YouTube Video


£9.50 + SHIPPING 

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